I am thrilled about the chance to represent Michigan's 99th House District. I have been watching the Michigan Legislature, and since Republicans took majority in 2011, our state has been struggling. Republicans in Lansing have drastically cut education funding for the classroom and made it difficult for our students to continue their education beyond high school, continued to work in secret with no accountability and failed to create good paying jobs they promised to our local communities. These are all areas that I am extremely passionate about, and when I win the 99th House seat, I promise to work to improve these areas:   

  • education funding
  • ​Transparency

working for you

About Bryan


BRYAN is a family man, small business owner and BElieves in a strong public education system, a fair tax code for all and policies that encourage job creation:


Bryan Mielke is a Michigan native and graduate of Central Michigan University. He finished undergrad at CMU with a B.S. in computer science and mathematics, and later received his Masters of Science − also from CMU. Bryan’s education made a lasting impact on his life and career goals, and in 1991, he started DCG Inc., a software development and energy analysis company.

​DCG Inc. develops software to monitor and analyze infrastructure in the energy sector. It is located in downtown Mt. Pleasant and proudly employs hard-working Michiganders. As a small business owner, Bryan knows what Michigan needs to bring its economy back on top, and he is ready to get to work in the Legislature finding innovative ways to bring more jobs to the state.

​​"I started a software company in my home state of Michigan because I know Michigan will rebound stronger than ever if we put working families first. We weren't just building software. We were playing a small part in rebuilding Michigan's economy." ~ Bryan Mielke

​On top of his successful business, Bryan is also happily married to his wife of 32 years, Debra Mielke, an employee of Mt. Pleasant Public Schools. Bryan and Debra have two daughters, Dana (25) and Lexi (21). He is extremely invested in his family. Both of Bryan’s daughters graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School, where his wife works as a counselor. Because of his deep connection to education, Bryan is dedicated to improving Michigan schools and making K-12 funding a priority in the Legislature.

​Bryan is very involved in his community, and in 2009 became a member of the Union Township Planning Commission. In 2010, Bryan was appointed as a board member of the Union Township Economic Development Authority. He was elected to the Union Township Board in 2012 and also serves on the Union Township Sign Ordinance and Intergovernmental Committees and helped create the Union Township Smart Growth Master Plan. Along with his political work, he has been extremely active in his church community.

​Bryan works to better serve his community as a trustee by working with local governments and the state to improve roads and enhance collaboration between local governments and organizations. Bryan is a strong believer that those who live and work in their communities know what’s best for their own towns and districts. As a state representative, Bryan would continue his support of local government and continue the fight to bring transparency to all levels of government.